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A Southerner with a deep-rooted connection to Scotland, Scot Meacham Wood is renowned for his timeless design and magnetic personality. Since establishing his firm in 2001, Scot Meacham Wood Design, Scot has become an interior design icon, showcasing commercial and residential projects across the United States and developing a captivating online presence. Drawing inspiration from his heritage and thirteen years of experience working with Ralph Lauren, Scot’s signature style highlights European and Southern sensibilities, sartorial influences, and bold prints. With Scot Meacham Wood Home, the tastemaker premieres a one-of-a-kind collection featuring fresh takes on traditional Scottish textiles and antique home accessories. With its luxurious collection of fabrics and focus on Scot’s signature tartan, SMW Home is truly a natural extension of the designer himself.

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San Francisco Office
SMW Design

101 Henry Adams St.
Suite 429
San Francisco, CA 94103

SMW HOME available through SMW HOME's Showroom
101 Henry Adams Street
Suite 429
San Francisco, CA 94103

SMW HOME available through Steve McKenzie's
999 Brady Ave NW
Suite 1
Atlanta, GA 30318

Monday — Friday
10am — 5pm